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OSTA Announces Specification for Multimedia Albums and Playlists (11/21/02)
OSTA Hosts Optical Storage Symposium 2002: Digital Convergence or Divergence in Consumer and Data Markets (7/1/02)
OSTA and I3A to Colaborate on MultiPhoto/Video Open Specification to Enable Easier Playback of Digital Photo and Video Collections(2/24/02)
David Bunzel Appointed President of Optical Storage Technology Association (2/13/02)
OSTA Optical Storage Industry Acheives Capacity Milestone with 2.3 GB 3.5-INCH Magneto-Optical Products (2/5/02)
OSTA to host Tokyo Briefing to Demonstrate Recently Approved MultiAudio and Multiplay Compatibility Specifications (9/18/01)
Optical Storage Technology Association Approves New MultiAudio Specification for Faster Access to Compressed Audio Files on CD (7/23/01)
Multiplay Test Dics from OSTA Enable Manufacturers to Assure CD-R and CD-RW Compatility in Consumer Electronic Devices (7/23/01)
Optical Storage Technology Association Appoints Dave Suden Chairman of CD/DVD Committee (6/18/01)
Optical Storage Industry Acheives 9.1 GB MO Milestone for High-Performance, High Capacity Storage (4/23/01)
OSTA Approves MultiPlay Specification to Assure CD-R and CD-RW Compatibility in Consumer Electronics Devices (12/14/00)
OSTA Launches High Performance Optical Technology Initiative (7/12/00)
OSTA Extends Efforts to Ensure UDF Software Compatibility with "PLUGFEST 2" (6/29/00)
OSTA World's Leading CD Drive Manufacturers Acheive Compliance With OSTA's MultiRead Specification (3/7/00)
OSTA Extends Efforts to Ensure Broad Compatibility Among Writable Optical Storage Media by Hosting First "Plugfest" (1/31/00)
Protect Yourself Against Y2K (9/15/99)
OSTA Announces New Leadership for Its File Interchange Committee (9/7/99)
OSTA Announces New Leadership for Its Market Development Committee (7/22/99)
OSTA Recognizes Contributions of Association Leaders (3/29/99)
OSTA Targets Compatibility Consensus for Writable DVD Formats (1/11/99)
OSTA Unveils "OpticalU" Campaign to Enhance Retailer Awareness ofWritable CD Technology (9/21/98)
OSTA Clarifies CD-R/CD-RW Usage - Issues Guide Outlining Best Drive and Media Combinations for Different Applications (7/6/98)
98% of CD and DVD Industry Expected To Adopt OSTA's MultiRead Specification (6/17/98)
OSTA Elects New Officers (5/26/98)
OSTA Announces Comprehensive CD-R Technical white papers for Writers/Editors/Analysts Tracking Writable Optical Storage (4/13/98)
OSTA Broadens Writable Optical Storage Appeal with Release 2.0 Of Universal Disk Format (UDF 2.0) (2/23/98)
OSTA Answers Most Compelling Questions About Future of CD-Rewritable Technology (10/13/97)
OSTA Begins Industry-Wide DVD/CD Compatibility Testing (9/24/97)
OSTA Test Results Prove CD-R Compatibility No Longer In Question (9/15/97)
OSTA Answers MultiRead Questions; Reveals Widespread Impact of New Optical Storage Specification (8/25/97)
OSTA Ratifies "MultiRead" Specification, Ensures Compatibility of All CD Media With CD and DVD Devices (7/15/97)
OSTA Growth Further Unifies Optical Storage Industry (6/9/97)
OSTA Expands Reach Of Optical Storage with Release 1.5 of Universal Disk Format (6/5/97)
OSTA Study Reveals Industry-Wide Compatibility of Recordable Compact Disc Technology (3/31/97)
Compatibility of CD/DVD Storage Mapped by OSTA (11/15/96)
OSTA Publishes "CD-Recordable Questions & Answers," An Optical Storage Technology Guide (8/19/96)
OSTA Storage Industry Attains 2.6 GB Level (6/10/96)