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Participants Eligible to Win PC with CD-RW Drive and Associated Media

SANTA BARBARA, Calif., September 21, 1998 -- As part of its ongoing effort to increase favorable awareness of writable optical storage products and technologies, the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) today unveiled the "OpticalU" campaign. Fashioned after an on-line university program, OpticalU is an Internet-based initiative designed to educate retail associates on writable CD products by highlighting key applications and benefits, and by giving them the opportunity to test their knowledge of key technologies and terminology. Participants in the OpticalU program will receive giveaways and will be eligible for a drawing to win a PC complete with a CD-RW drive and media.

Retail associates can visit the OpticalU campus via the OSTA website at www.opticalu.org.

OpticalU Program Elements Launched in conjunction with its "Ask Mr. Optical" initiative, a six-installment print promotion highlighting writable CD benefits and uses, OSTA's OpticalU program seeks to help retailers provide value-added services to their customers.

OpticalU program elements include:

--Writable CD Tutorials: Visitors to the OpticalU campus will have full access to online tutorials, including technical explanations and recommended applications for writable CD products. The tutorial section will also include extensive question and answer segments addressed by "Mr. Optical," OSTA's writable CD technology expert.

--OpticalU Courses/Quizzes: Throughout the campaign, six separate OpticalU courses will be offered (one per month), including individual multiple choice quizzes corresponding with each course's curriculum. Participants will earn a certificate after successfully completing each quiz and will be awarded an official OpticalU diploma at the conclusion of the six-course program.

--Grand Prize: Retail participants who have successfully completed all six courses will be automatically entered into a drawing to win a personal computer complete with a CD-RW drive and associated media.

--Link to OSTA Resources: Visitors to the OpticalU campus will have immediate access to the latest news and background information on writable CD technology via a direct link to the OSTA website at www.osta.org.

The OpticalU campaign builds upon OSTA's recently announced CD-R/CD-RW Usage Guide (July 6, 1998), a chart that helps clarify writable CD-R and CD-RW drive and media uses by illustrating which drive and media combinations are best for a wide variety of tasks. The usage guide is designed specifically for use on retail packaging by optical drive and media manufacturers and for retail point-of-sale displays."

The OpticalU campaign is the logical next step in our ongoing efforts to promote writable CD technology," commented Steve Hammond, chairman of OSTA's market development committee. "As CD-R and CD-RW technology continues to claim a larger and larger portion of a market filled with a wide array of storage options, we feel it is important to continue to educate the industry on the benefits of and applications for writable CD products and technology."

This mission has been the driving force behind much of our work, including the recently announced CD-R/CD-RW Usage Guide, which can be easily downloaded from the OSTA website for use on product packaging and retail displays," continued Hammond.

OSTA Background
The Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) was incorporated as a international trade association in 1992 to promote the use of writable optical technologies and products for storage of computer data. The organization's membership includes optical product manufacturers and resellers from three continents, representing more than 85 percent of worldwide writable optical product shipments. They work to shape the future of the industry through regular meetings of CD/DVD, file interchange, market development, magneto-optical and planning committees. Interested companies worldwide are invited to join the organization and participate in its programs by contacting an OSTA representative at 805/963-3853 or by addressing its Web site a www.osta.org.

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