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SANTA BARBARA, Calif., July 22, 1999 – Continuing its tradition of incorporating a broad representation of industry executives in its leadership, the Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) today announced that Perry Solomon, president and CEO of Smart and Friendly®, has assumed chairmanship of OSTA’s Market Development Committee. Solomon replaces Steve Hammond, vice president of marketing and business development at nStor Corporation, who has retired from the association.

One of four committees comprising OSTA (others are the File Interchange Committee, CD/DVD Committee and Planning Committee), the Market Development Committee is dedicated to identifying market needs while promoting the widespread use of writable optical technologies.

"Each of these individuals has made great strides in helping to elevate the widespread acceptance of optical storage technology," said Ray Freeman, OSTA facilitator. "We look forward to Perry’s leadership, insight and creativity in his new role as he continues his hard work and dedication to the industry. And we offer well-deserved recognition to Steve Hammond for his many significant contributions to the industry and to OSTA."

Perry Solomon, Smart and Friendly

Solomon, a member of OSTA’s board of directors, joined the organization in 1996, and has been a key contributor to the association and its initiatives. As part of OSTA’s campaign to enhance retail and end-user awareness of writable optical storage, Solomon conceived, initiated and helped oversee two of OSTA’s most significant retail awareness-building initiatives:

OpticalU – An Internet-based initiative to educate retail associates on writable CD products by highlighting key applications and benefits, and by giving them the opportunity to test their knowledge of key technologies and terminology.

"Mr. Optical" campaign – A program designed to gauge retailers’ perception and understanding of writable optical storage technologies and encourage them, through prize incentives, to enhance their knowledge of the technologies and product classes so they may better serve their customers.

In his new role as chairman of OSTA’s Market Development Committee, Solomon will spearhead the effort to promote the association’s forthcoming read compatibility specification (expected to be completed by year end), which will enable conforming DVD optical drives to read specified writable DVD media. The initial release will specify compatibility with DVD-RAM and DVD+RW discs. Additionally, Solomon will lead the committee to continue initiatives for promoting the widespread awareness and use of optical storage technologies.

Solomon is president and CEO of Smart and Friendly, a privately held manufacturer of CD-Recordable, CD-ReWritable, CD-ROM, and optical storage systems. He established the company in 1982 to develop consumer-style brand consciousness in the computer and electronics industry. The company is located in Chatsworth, California.-more-

Steve Hammond, nStor Corporation, Inc.

Hammond joined OSTA in 1997 and simultaneously assumed the role of chairman of the Market Development Committee, where he was responsible for facilitating the accomplishments of several key OSTA initiatives and programs. During his two-year tenure, Hammond helped launch OSTA’s OpticalU and Mystery Shopper programs, as well as a number of other marketing initiatives designed to enhance retailer and end user awareness, and their understanding of optical storage technologies.

Hammond is currently serving as vice president of marketing and business development for nStor Corporation of Lake Mary, Florida, a manufacturer of information storage management solutions. He represented Micro Design International of Winter Park, Florida, while affiliated with OSTA.

OSTA Background

The Optical Storage Technology Association (OSTA) was incorporated as an international trade association in 1992 to promote the use of writable optical technologies and products for storage of computer data. The organization’s membership includes optical product manufacturers and resellers from three continents, representing more than 85 percent of worldwide writable optical product shipments. They work to shape the future of the industry through regular meetings of CD/DVD, file interchange, market development, magneto-optical and planning committees. Interested companies worldwide are invited to join the organization and participate in its programs by contacting an OSTA representative at 805/963-3853 or by addressing its Web site at www.osta.org.

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