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Press Releases
July 23, 2001
December 14, 2000


Technical Information

The MultiPlay specification assures that Compact Disc Recordable (CD-R) and Compact Disc ReWritable (CD-RW) discs created on personal computers can be played in consumer CD and DVD players. MultiPlay builds on OSTA’s successful MultiRead compatibility specification, which has accomplished full compatibility of CD-R and CD-RW discs in essentially all computer-based CD or DVD devices. MultiPlay will similarly accomplish much needed CD-R and CD-RW disc compatibility in consumer CD and DVD players.

The current MultiPlay specification includes Red Book Audio (standard uncompressed digital audio), CD-Text, Slideshow and VideoCD as the initial formats covered by the compatibility specification. Some CD and DVD players are also capable of playing compressed digital audio file formats such as MP3 or WMA written to CD-R or CD-RW discs. To address these compressed audio formats, OSTA has created a logical disc format called MultiAudio to ensure quick playability and navigation of MP3, WMA and other compressed audio files. MultiAudio brings consumers the quick access to music that they expect.

The MultiPlay logo enables consumers to recognize CD or DVD players that can utilize CD-R and CD-RW discs as readily as they utilize pressed discs. OSTA licenses use of the MultiPlay logo to complying consumer electronic device manufacturers on a royalty-free basis. Compliance is self-certified using MultiPlay test discs provided by OSTA.

MultiPlay, in conjunction with appropriate recording software and the necessary drive functions, will enable consumers to play personal content such as personal compilation audio discs, compressed audio, personal photos downloaded in JPEG format from digital cameras or scanners, and personal video compressed to MPEG1 format or downloaded from some MPEG1 video cameras.