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Understanding DVD

Author's Notes
Physical Logical and

Recording Hardware
Recording Speed
Physical Compatibility
Disc Size Configuration and Capacity
Copying Deterrents and Content Protection
Duplication, Replication and Publishing
Disc Labeling
Disc Handling, Storage
and Disposal

Disc Longevity
Disc Testing and

Disc Construction and

Appendix A - Further
Reading and Resources

Appendix B - Industry
and Product Contacts
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Hugh Bennett is president of Forget Me Not Information Systems Inc., an optical storage reseller, systems integrator and consultant based in London, Ontario, Canada. An internationally respected industry analyst, researcher, author and educator, Hugh is a contributing editor and columnist for EMedia, the Digital Studio Magazine and the author of numerous white papers, studies and educational campaigns including Understanding CD-R & CD-RW, Running Optimum Power Control: Data Integrity in CD-Recording, Ask Mr. Optical and Optical University.