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Optical Storage Symposium
2005 Agenda &

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OCT 18th and 19th
San Francisco, CA


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OSS 2004 Sessions

Session 1A: Market Watch - Industry Leaders, Conversations and Perspectives

Is format an issue in the DVD recordable market? Will DVD video recorders replace VCRs? Do we need 15 GB on a 120 mm disc? When will blue laser ROM products become a factor in the video distribution market? Which factors will drive the growth of optical storage products? Analysts and industry leaders will provide perspective on issues that will affect the growth and technology trends in the PC, CE, and entertainment industries. A discussion on applications and critical success factors for optical disc technology will provide valuable insight for industry professionals.

Time: 2 PM
Moderator: Melissa Perensen, Associate Editor, PCWorld Magazine
David Barron, Product Line Director, Maxtor
Steve Baker, Industry Analysis Director, NPD Techworld (Presentation)
David Galvin, Director WW Product Marketing, HP Consumer PC Group

Richard Doherty, Director Professional AV, Panasonic (Presentation)
Hollywood Laboratory

Session 1B: Why Optical Makes Sense for Archive

The new buzz on the street is Information Lifecycle Management and archive. We will discuss the importance of archiving corporate assets so that you can continue to reap the benefits of those assets throughout their data lifecycle. We have put together a panel of speakers from the application side as well as the hardware platform side to discuss the overall solution and the means to implement an Information Lifecycle Management and Archive solution that makes good business sense for your company.

Time: 2 PM
Moderator: Roy Slicker, President and CEO, Pegasus (Presentation)
Nick Zihlman, US Geological Survey (Presentation)
Dave Dupont, VP Marketing, Plasmon (Presentation)
Rob Koeten, Senior Product Manager/Strategist, Veritas (Presentation)
Wolfgang Schlichting, Research Director - Removable Storage, IDC
(please contact Mr. Schlichting at
for his presentation)

Session 2 - Blue Laser Goes to Market (Joint session with the CEA)

The short wavelength of the long-awaited blue laser diode will mean higher recording capacities for DVD. Hear from the movers and shakers in distribution and retail about the blue laser’s upcoming track to market. This roundtable of leading channel executives addresses mission-critical issues for a successful launch of blue laser technology.

Time: 4 PM
Moderator: Perry Solomon
Gary Lawson, Sales Manager, Century Stereo (no PPT Available)
Mike Shelton, Sr. Director of Business Development, Ingram Micro
John Tonthat, Bell Micro (Presentation)

DVD Compatibility Forum

Panel Contributors:

Tony Jasonowski Recordable DVD Council (RDVDC) (Presentation)
Andy Parsons RW Products Promotion Initiative (RWPPI) (Presentation)
Ted Matsui DVD+RW Compatibility and Convergence Group (DCCG)
Subutai Ahmad Optical Storage Technology Association (Presentation)


Session 3: Managing the Digital File Explosion

"Our lives are turning digital, with digital cameras, digital camcorders, music downloads, and recordable CDs and DVDs. How do we manage these mushrooming photo, music, and video files? Where do we put them? How do we find them?"

Time: 8:30 AM
Moderator: Jim Taylor – Sonic Solutions (Presentation)
Melani DiNapoli, Gracenote (no PPT Available)
Richard Mandenberg, –CEO, Mirra Inc (no PPT Available)
Kevin Woolery, CTO Buzznet, Inc. (no PPT Available)
Bill Holmes, Director of Product Management,
Consumer Electronics DivX Networks (no PPT Available)

Session 4A: MPV Metadata: Fool's Gold or Hidden Treasure?

We know from history that the richness of metadata available to a device enhances a user's enjoyment. However, from that history we've also learned that metadata available today can lead to incompatible and frustrating user experiences. This panel digs into the future of CE devices and their need to access metadata in a consistent, easily understandable, and standard form. Come learn about OSTA’s MPV (MusicPhotoVideo) hidden treasure and how it will enhance the digital user’s experience from the creators of professional and personal content sources, including broadcast TV, audiobooks, music, photos, and videos.

Time: 10:15 AM
Moderator: Geoff Tully, DVDList
Piet van Zee, Senior Architect , Hewlett Packard
Todd Moore, Director of Product Marketing, PortalPlayer (no PPT Available)
Martin Serrano, Senior Software Engineer, TV Guide OnScreen
(no PPT Available)
Guy Story, SVP Business Development and Cheif Scientist, Audible
(no PPT Available)

Session 4B: How Optical Meets Archive and Compliance Requirements Standards

Today, many storage managers and CTOs are struggling with the regulations they are mandated to comply with and how they can meet those regulatory needs while keeping costs in check. This session is designed to address growing regulatory concerns for data permanence and security. In this session we will discuss current regulations and how those regulations will impact the business environment. We have put together a panel of experts from the compliance industry that will discuss these issues in detail.

Time: 10:15 AM
Moderator: Dr. Victor McCrary, Business Area Executive for Science & Technology (Presentation)
Fred Byers, Technical Staff Member (Presentation)
National Institute of Standards & Technology      
Eric Vorst, CEO, Synnovative Consulting (Presentation)
Vivek Navale, Ph. D, Chief, Technical Services,
NWME National Archives at College Park (Presentation)

Session 5: Digital Imaging’s Drive into the Digital Home

This panel explores the impact of the mobile imaging revolution on the DSC market and the new digital imaging devices in the digital home. Hear knowledgeable industry members' views on whether we will view digital images on TV and learn how we establish connectivity of digital imaging devices with other CE devices in the home. What new home networking opportunities does digital imaging spur and what is the status of digital image printing: home solutions versus web services versus kiosks?

Time: 2:30 PM
Moderator: Philippe Cassereau, V.P. of Engineering - Roxio
Rajeev Mishra, Epson
Michael Stelts, DLNA Industry Liaison Sub-committee, Thomson Inc
Christopher Wu, Vice President of Mobile, Snapfish (Presentation)
William J. Queen, Product Marketing Manager, Imaging Division,
Zoran Corp.
Tom Berarducci, Director of Product Management
Digital and Film Imaging software and services
Eastman Kodak Company