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January 4, 2006
OSTA Completes MPV™ Interoperability Specification Program with Endorsement of Validation Tools
Press release , Download PDF

September 2005
OSTA Introduces MPV™ Interoperability
Specification and Trademark Licensing Program
Press release , Download PDF

September 2004
OSTA Enables Media Sharing Among Multiple CD Devices at the First Digital Camera Plugfest.
Press release , Download PDF

April, 2004:  MPV Developer Training Day in Japan
OSTA hosted a MPV Developer Training Day in Tokyo, Japan, on April 7, 2004.   Representatives from HP, KonicaMinolta, Nikon, Olympus, Samsung, and Software Architects presented introductory and advanced information about MPV.  More than 60 people attended from over 30 companies.

Feb. 2004:  PMA 2004
At the largest annual photographic tradeshow, PMA 2004, major companies announced details around introduction of and plans for MPV-enabled imaging products.  Hewlett-Packard, Nikon, Olympus, and Samsung announced support in various imaging products.  Software Architects announced development of MPV tools for use by vendors.  Konica Minolta announced further details of the MPV Portable Storage specification currently under development.

Jan. 2004:  CES 2004
At the world's largest annual consumer electronics, CES 2004, OSTA announced release of the MPV Music 1.0 specification.  It also announced development in progress of the MPV CE Playlists specification and briefly announced product introductions and plans by HP, Nikon, Olympus, and Samsung.

Oct. 2003:  Hewlett-Packard, Olympus, Samsung announce product support, demonstrate MPV-enabled hardware and software at OSTA Optical Storage Symposium.

Hewlett-Packard: Presentation. MPV support shipping beginning Fall 2003 in HP's ImageZone and Memories Disc Creator software that bundles with many HP products.  Anticipate shipping 10M+ units in 2004.  Demo of shipping ImageZone software, MPV-enabled prototype digital camera. 

Olympus: PresentationStatement of intent for products in 2004.  Demo of MPV-enabled prototype digital camera.

Samsung: PresentationRoadmap for rollout in products beginning 2004 across both physical media and networked connectivity. Demo of prototype MPV music and photo player device.

All presentations from the Optical Storage Symposium

Oct. 2003:  MPV Developer Training Session offered at OSTA Optical Storage Symposium. (Overview presentation), (technical presentation)

Oct. 2003:  MPVTools 2.0 SDK release.  Available under MIT open source license, targets cross-platform firmware implementations.

July 2003:  draft 0.90 of MPV Music Profile specification released for public comment.  Press release.


Apr. 2003:  PC Magazine article MPV.   "Universal Playlists", p. 26, PCMagazine, May 6, 2003, print edition,  and Apr 15, 2003, online.

Mar. 2003:  Article on connecting PCs and CE products, including lots of information on MPV.   "PC-CE Connection", pp. 24-30, EMedia Magazine, March 2003

11 Mar 03: Leading Companies Back MPV Standard for Music, Photo and Video Digital Media Collections (pdf)

Press release (English, Japanese)
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
MPV Datasheet

27 Feb 03: I3A Announces CPXe 1.0, Picture Services Network

[Uses MPV for browser-based interaction with online photo services]Press Release
CPXe Info and Specs
Picture Services Network

4 Feb 03: MPV Music Spec 0.75 posted (members) 
3 Feb 03: Report on MPV at CES 2003 (members) 
8 Jan 03: MPV demos at CES 2003; OSTA - CEA Cooperate
8 Jan 03: MPV Music Spec 0.40 posted (members) 
2 Dec 02: MPV Music Specs 0.21 posted  (members) 

2 Dec 02: OSTA Multiread Committee meeting

21 Nov 02: MPV 1.0 announced 
21 Nov 02: MPV Specs 1.0 available
21 Nov 02: MPVTools SDK 1.0 available

6 Nov 02: MPV presentation at I3A Annual Meeting

16 Sept 02: OSTA Multiread Committee meeting

14 Sept 02: MPV Specs 0.92 posted (members) 
08 Aug 02: Updated MPV presentations posted
28 June 02: MPV Specs 0.90 posted    (members) 

17 June 02: OSTA Multiread Committee meeting

7 June 02: MPV Specs 0.40 posted (members) 
22 May 02: MPV Specs 0.39 posted (members) 
12 Apr 02: MPV Specs 0.36 posted (members) 

25 Mar 02: OSTA Multiread Committee meeting

13 Mar 02: MPV Basic & Presentation Profile Spec  0.33 posted (members) 
13 Mar 02: MPV Technical Whitepaper posted
24 Feb 02: MPV Presentation at I3A Tech Forum at PMA

24 Feb 02: MPV table at I3A press reception at PMA

24 Feb 02: OSTA and I3A Announce Collaboration on MPV

15 Feb 02: I3A approves creating MPV Initiative

03 Dec 01: OSTA formally launches MPV Specification work

03 Dec 01: first MPV Spec Working Draft released (members)

Nov 01:  Work on MPV Specification begins