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MPV Introduction Presentation (2268K) [Jan04]
MPV Datasheet (127K) [Oct03]
MPV Frequently Asked Questions (29K) [Mar03]
MPV Technology Presentation (MS Powerpoint) (1938K) [03Mar03]

Presentations For Specific Industries
MPV and Digital Imaging - Intro (1302K) [04Mar03]
MPV Presentation for DVD/CE Industry (MS Powerpoint) (6317K) [08Jan03]
MPV Presentation for Software/Camera Industry (MS PPoint) (4217K) [08Jan03]
MPV and Digital Imaging - In Depth (MS Powerpoint) (4045K) [04Mar03] Demo

Sample Datasets
MPV Multimedia Album Demo ("Brandenburger Tor") (33MB) [20Nov02]

MPV Implementations:

Implementations of the MPV specification may be listed here.  Please send email to the MPV website contact to be listed.MPVTools SDK  -- source code

The MPVTools SDK is an implementation of MPV reading, writing, and playback capability.  It is available as source code for general use in commercial products at no cost.  It uses the C language and is suitable for firmware deployment.

SoftwareArchitects Inc. has announced the WriteMPV SDK that implements burning of CDs and DVDs of music, photo, and video data along with MPV playlists.