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Introduction to MPV

MPV is a standard for exchanging and playing collections of digital music, photos, and videos among consumer electronics devices and PCs on CDs, DVDs, memory cards, hard disks, home networks and across the internet. MPV is a series of XML-based specifications developed by the participating members of OSTA’s MPV committee.
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MPV is comprised of a series of profiles and guidelines. The bases are the Core and Basic Profiles which define all the assets and album or collection. On top of these, there are various types of profiles that address particular use cases, media types or product types. Finally, the guidelines define strict or narrow versions of the profiles to ensure the profile use in products with limited capabilities (limited processing power, memory, storage, etc.)

MPV on the Market

MPV is being used by some today's leading software and consumer electronics companies. For a quick overview of how these companies are using MPV, click here to run a flash animation that walks you through various products and their use MPV.

MPV Support in the Industry

Many companies have introduced products using MPV or announced support for MPV since it was introduced Nov. 21, 2002. More announcements. Companies include:

ArcSoft, Inc., Eastman Kodak Company, Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. , Hewlett-Packard Company, Konica-Minolta Photo Imaging, Inc. , Nikon Corporation, Olympus Imaging Corporation, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Samsung Techwin Co., Ltd and Software Architects, Inc.

Latest News

On October 12, 2005, OSTA conducted an MPV Interoperability Seminar. Top Japanese and Korean camera and other consumer electronics companies were in attendance. The seminar material is available for download here.

On Sept. 7, 2005, OSTA announced that its MPV Interoperability Specification (MPV-IS) version 1.0 is available for downloading from the OSTA website. Many digital media companies are using the specifications in various consumer electronics and PC-based products. To date, these implementations have been strictly to manage the transfer of data between products of the same company. With the MPV Interoperability Specification, companies can now guarantee interoperability with MPV-IS compliant products from other companies.

MPV Interoperability Specification V1.0

OSTA also made public its MPV trademark licensing program to bring awareness of compatibility between MPV-IS compliant products. The licensing program includes a MPV Distribution License Agreement enabling compliant companies to use OSTA's MPV trademarks for use on products and marketing materials and a self-certification Validation Tool to test MPV-IS product compliance. OSTA's MPV Committee also ratified and released additional MPV specifications -- the MPV Portable Storage Profile v1.0 (MPV-PS) and a new version of the MPV XML Manifest Specification v2.0.

MPV Distribution and License Agreement
MPV-PS Specification 1.00