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Implementing MPV

Tools, Source Code and sample datasets

MPVTools SDK and Sample Source code

The MPVTools SDK is an implementation of MPV reading, writing, and playback. It is available on SourceForge as source code for general use in commercial products at no cost. It uses the C language and is suitable for firmware deployment. The SDK comes with sample data sets and manifests for testing purposes. It also includes an Internet Explorer browser-based playback implementation using DHTML and Javascript.

The MPV tools are on SourceForge in the hopes and expectations that the interoperability and community spirit will foment open dialogue and exchange of ideas.

MPVTools SDK V2.1

Sample Datasets – this is a dataset of various photo-related elements (stills, stills with audio, panoramas, etc.) for use in testing your MPV photo-related development.
MPV Multimedia Album Demo ("Brandenburger Tor") (33MB) [20Nov02]

Third Party Tools:

This section lists the 3rd party tools that can help you develop MPV products. To have your product added to the list, please send an email to mpvinfoostaorg

Software Architects’ WriteMPV SDK

SoftwareArchitects Inc. has announced the WriteMPV SDK that implements burning of CDs and DVDs of music, photo, and video data along with MPV playlists.